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Why Backpack Globetrotter?

That’s pretty easy: I always travel with a backpack and I dislike hand baggages and trolley bags. Here are a few more things about myself: I’m not a full time traveler, nor a writer. Actually, I’m not even close to that, as I have an 8 hours per day office job in a multinational company. Sounds a bit dull, I know. But in my free time, I’m always trying to discover more of what the world has to offer.

I like to travel… Yeah, I know, what a cliché! Who doesn’t?! Writing was one of my passions as a child. Now, I’m trying to rediscover it. I’m pretty passionate about geography and history. And about meeting new people and discovering new places. Also, I tend to walk a lot during my travels. It helps me accomplish my travel goals.

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